Php-Mysql Course

PHP and MYSQL Course in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt For Beginners

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  • عدد الساعات : 60 ساعة
  • مدة الكورس : 10 اسبوع
  • عدد المحاضرات : 2 لكل اسبوع
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الهدف من الكورس

PHP& MySQL qualify you to be backend web developer, analyize Database and understand ERD, building it using MySQL and how to connect it.

Learn how to implement CRUD funstions foreach table using forms and AJAX&JSON

محتوى الكورس

Introduction to php 

  • Client side VS Server side.
  • Installing PHP Environment tools.
  • PHP data types and variables.
  • Printing functions.
  • PHP Operators.
  • Conditional statements ( if else - inline condition).

Repetition statements 

  • For, While and do..while.
  • Switch case.
  • String handling (Strings and Patterns).
  •  Matching and Extracting.
  • Searching and Replacing.

PHP Arrays and foreach

  • Indexed and associative arrays.
  • Multi-dimensional arrays.
  • Foreach loop.
  • set, push and pop from array.
  • Sorting array.
  • Array checking exitence and search.

PHP Functions

  • Function types.
  • Use array with functions.
  • Built-in functions.
  • PHP Cookie handling.
  • PHP Session handling.

PHP Forms 

  • PHP Form handling.
  • File uploading.
  • Validating Form from XSS.
  • Validating Form with regular expression.
  • Use sessions and cookies with login and registeration forms.
  • Mailing Service.

Mysql database

  • Intro to the history of database.
  • Difference between DBMS, DB and SQL.
  • DDL "Data Definition Language".
  • How to design Database and designing ERD "Entity Relationship Diagram".
  • How to create, alter and drop the tables using phpmyadmin.
  • DML "Data Manipulation Language".
  • Study insert, update and delete statements.
  • Study select statement.
  • Select types.
  • How to search in database.
  • Condition operators.
  • Sorting data.
  • Aggregation functions.
  • Joins.

How to connect PHP with MYSQL

  • Understand the lifecycle of connection.
  • Difference between MYSQL, MYSQLI and PDO.
  • Implement CRUD functions for tables.

Workshop (1) 

  • Creating database scheme.
  • Implementing CRUD functions for tables from scratch.
  • How to save file in database.

OOP [Object Oriented Concepts]

  • Understanding the theory of OOP.
  • Understanding Encapsulation.
  • Inheritance.
  • Polymorphism.
  • Abstraction.


  • how to make call and response with ajax.
  • how to use json with ajax.
  • Call php methods with ajax without loading page.
  • php autoloader. 

MVC Design pattern

  • What is Design pattern.
  • What is MVC.
  • How to build MVC.

Workshop (2) 

  • Building full web application.
  • Linking between frontend and backend.

How to host a website

  • Domain VS Hosting.
  • How to book a domain?.
  • How to purchase a hosting?.
  • how to publish your web site.
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