Advanced PHP FrameWork

PHP and Framework and Wordpress and Laravel Course in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt For Beginners

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  • عدد الساعات : 35 ساعة
  • مدة الكورس : 6 اسبوع
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PHP& MySQL qualify you to be backend web developer, analyize Database and understand ERD, building it using MySQL and how to connect it.

Learn how to implement CRUD funstions foreach table using forms and AJAX&JSON

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Part one :- PHP FRAMEWORK (LARAVEL) (20 Hrs)

Introduction to laravel  

  • What is composer and how to install it.
  • What is framework?!
  • Framework vs native.
  • What is laravel?
  • Laravel MVC.
  • Laravel Views.
  • introduction to laravel Routing.

 Laravel Controllers 

  • Laravel Routing and group routing.
  • Laravel Controllers.
  • Laravel sessions.

Users and Authentication

  • Creating and Authenticating Users.
  • Customizing User Authentication.
  • Managing the User Authentication State.
  • Protecting Routes with Middleware.

RESTful Web Services with Laravel

  • Designing and Structuring a RESTful Service.
  • Restful routing.
  • Request Handling & Responses.
  • Protecting Routes with Middleware.
  • Use ajax with laravel.

 Workshop #1 

  • Build application using laravel.

Part Two :-PHP CMS (WORDPRESS)(15 Hrs)

  • What is a CMS?
  • WordPress: A Closer Look.
  • The Anatomy of a Theme.
  • Child Themes and Theme Frameworks.
  • Hooks and Custom Post Types.
  • Widgets and Resources.


  • Group of 2-3 persons select an idea.
  • The lecturer discusses the code with you.
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