Software Testing


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  • عدد الساعات : 40 ساعة
  • مدة الكورس : 7 اسبوع
  • عدد المحاضرات : 2 لكل اسبوع
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الهدف من الكورس

– Ensures the quality of product
– Defect prevention and detection
– Verify and validate the user requirement
– Ready to integration and revise the component
– Focus on accurate and reliable result
– Work should be performed under predefined process and SRS
– Discuss on generating test cases test cases
– Provide information to take decision for next phase
– Gain confidence of work
– Evaluates the capabilities of a system and system performance

محتوى الكورس

Level 1:-   Module 1 [ISTQB-FL]

-Chapter 1 : Fundamental of Testing.

-Chapter 2 : Testing Throughout software life cycle.

-Chapter 3: Static testing.

-Chapter 4 :Test Deign Techniques.

-Chapter 5 : Test Management.

-Chapter 6 :Test Tool support.


Level 2 :- Module 2 [Practical Training]


-How to find requirements issues.

-How to design Test cases.

-How to write Test cases.

-How to write bug report.

-Applying on a sample project.

-Front end and back end testing.

-Agile process in organizations [Sprint planning-Stories- Acceptance criteria].

-Applying on TFS.

-Developing Regression plan.

-Automation basics.

-Interview Tips.


Level 3 :- [Database&SQL]

-Introduction to SQL.

-Introduction to SQL Querying.

-Writing SELECT Queries.

-Querying Multiple Tables.

-Sorting and Filtering Data.

-Using DML to Modify Data.

-Using Built-In Functions.

-Grouping and Aggregating Data.

-Using Subqueries.

-Using Set Operators.

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