(Java Frameworks (Spring/Hibernate

Java frameworks:Spring and Hibernate

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 You'll learn how to set up your system for Spring development, how to use Maven, and how to work with databases using Spring and Hibernate and how to create web applications with Spring MVC. We'll also look at managing user accounts with Spring Security,JDBC, working with web forms, Apache tiles for building modular web pages, aspect-oriented programming (AOP)

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Introduction to Spring

  • What is Spring?
  • Spring Modules.
  • Spring Architecture.
  • Environment setup.
  • Spring Hello World Application.

Spring Core 1: Dependency Injection

  • IOC Container.
  • Spring Beans.
  • Dependency Injection.
  • AutoWiring.

Spring Core 1: Spring AOP and annotations

  • AOP concepts.
  • Annotation based Configuration.
  • Java annotation based Configuration. 

Spring features: templates and data access

  • What is template?.
  • Template features.
  • JDBC integration.

Spring MVC

  • Web MVC framework.
  • Controllers.
  • Request and Responce.
  • MVC forms.

Introduction to Hibernate

  • What is Hibernate (ORM)?.
  • Hibernate Architecture.
  • Environmental Setup.
  • First Application with Hibernate.

Hibernate Annotation and Mapping

  • Hibernate annotation.
  • Association mapping.
  • Collection mapping.

HQL, Hibernate Caching, and Named Queries

 Spring ORM

  • Spring with ORM.
  • Spring with Hibernate.

Course Project

  • Group of 2-3 persons select an idea.
  • The lecturer discusses the code with you.
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