Java Developing Web service

Developing Applications with EJB, JSF and Web-services (JAX-WS and JAX-RS)

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  • عدد الساعات : 60 ساعة
  • مدة الكورس : 7 اسبوع
  • عدد المحاضرات : 3 لكل اسبوع
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Apply the JAX-RS API in the creation of RESTful Web Services Secure Web Services using WS-Security, Jersey, and OAuth Handle errors and exceptions in Web Services and clients Create XML documents using namespace declarations and XML schema Produce and consume XML and JSON content using JAXB Create RESTful Web Service clients using the Jersey Client API Understand the role of Web Services Apply the JAX-WS API in the creation of SOAP Web Services and clients

محتوى الكورس

Introduction to JSF

  • JSF Overview.
  • JSF Life Cycle.
  • JSF features and Managed Beans.

JSF UI Component and Tags

  • Basic in/out tags.
  • Advanced Tags.
  • Composite Component.

JSF Features

  • JSF Validations (Beans and UI).
  • JSF Converter.
  • Ajax and JSF Event Handling.
  • JDBS Integration.

Introduction to EJB

  • What is EJB?.
  • EJB Environment.
  • Types of Session Bean.

EJB Features

  • Message Driven Bean.
  • EJB Persistence and Annotations.
  • EJB Database Access.
  • EJB Query Language.

Introduction to Webservices

  • What is Webservice?
  • Webservice Components.
  • Introduction to Soap Webservices.
  • Introduction to Restful Webservices.
  • REST or SOAP.
  • Java Webservices.

Soap Webservices (JAX-WS)

Restful Webservices (JAX-RS)

Course Project

  • Group of 2-3 persons select an idea.
  • The lecturer discusses the code with you.


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